Waiting to get hacked ? £1500 available

1 in 4 small businesses are expected to get hacked this year according to the Govt. The cost to the hacked business typically runs to £ thousands. The Scottish Govt is offering £1500 vouchers to get your (scottish based SME) business accredited under the Cyber essentials scheme. Aside from improving your business security the accreditation

National Lottery Security Hack. In it to lose it ?

This high profile security hack  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-38155710  at The National Lottery highlights the need for all of us to use a different password for each on line account we use. If a lottery customer uses business related logons and passwords you can imagine how stolen ‘personal’  data could be used in an attempt to hack the business

Cyber Essentials

Scottish Business Exhibition – show deals

Free tickets  http://thescottishbusinessexhibition.com/  so please do come and see us on stand A21 . Did you know that vouchers towards the cost of Cyber Essentials are available. For a small business that could mean the total cost of becoming a security conscious business could be free. Reassure your supply chain, your clients and your insurers