Vicariously Morrisons…

You may have seen the recent Court of Appeal Judgement following the 2014 data breach at Morrisons, where 100,000 personnel records were made available on the internet.  This was caused by a disgruntled insider who took revenge after what he felt was an unfair disciplinary action over an internal issue.  The court concluded that Morrisons

What’s That Coming Over The Hill ?

Come to Dunoon and find out about trends in technology. At 3 separate events you can find out all about Virtual/ Augmented and Mixed Reality, how technology can work in heritage and museums and spark some ideas for innovation in your business.  The events are being held next door to BC technologies offices at The

Waiting to get hacked ? £1500 available

1 in 4 small businesses are expected to get hacked this year according to the Govt. The cost to the hacked business typically runs to £ thousands. The Scottish Govt is offering £1500 vouchers to get your (scottish based SME) business accredited under the Cyber essentials scheme. Aside from improving your business security the accreditation