Our Commitment to a Greener Future

At BC Technologies, we recognise the critical importance of protecting our planet for future generations and we are committed to achieving net-zero emissions. Our green policy focuses on both global and community impacts, ensuring we contribute to a sustainable future both within and beyond our immediate environment.

Wildflowers planted
Bird Boxes installled
Solitary Bee Hives installed
Solar Panels powering our offices
Insect Hotels installed

By integrating these global and local strategies, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability. We are proud to lead by example in the IT industry, demonstrating that businesses of all sizes can play a pivotal role in protecting our planet. 

Together, we can create a greener future for all.

Solar Panels

Where we can we are also using solar panels on our offices. Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and decreases our overall carbon footprint.

By investing in solar energy, we are taking a significant step towards sustainability and demonstrating our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Bird Boxes

Bird boxes provide safe nesting sites for various bird species, which are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Birds help control insect populations and pollinate plants, contributing to the biodiversity of the area. For every 1,000 support cases our team completes, a bird box is installed in community spaces.

This initiative not only supports local bird populations but also engages and benefits the communities we serve.

Solitary Bee Hives

Solitary bee hives cater to non-colonial bees, providing them with a safe place to live and breed. Solitary bees are incredibly effective pollinators, and their presence can significantly enhance local plant growth.

We will install a solitary bee hive for every 5,000 miles our engineers cover going to client sites. These hives will be placed in community spaces, fostering a healthier environment, and promoting awareness about the importance of pollinators.


Planting wildflowers is an excellent way to support pollinators like bees and butterflies, which are crucial for the health of our environment.

These flowers provide essential nectar and pollen, boosting the local ecosystem's health and biodiversity.

We aim to plant 82,000 wildflowers per year in community spaces, creating vibrant habitats for wildlife and enhancing the beauty of local areas.

Insect Hotels

Insect hotels offer a sanctuary for beneficial insects such as ladybirds, beetles, and solitary bees. By installing these hotels, we encourage the presence of these insects, which play crucial roles in pollination.

For every server we install for our clients, we will install an insect hotel in community spaces.

This initiative helps maintain balanced ecosystems and supports local agriculture and gardening efforts.

Tree Planting Initiative

To further mitigate our carbon footprint, for every piece of hardware we collect and responsibly dispose of, we will plant trees globally. This initiative not only offsets our emissions but also contributes to reforestation efforts worldwide, combating climate change and supporting biodiversity.Our tree planting efforts will span multiple continents, focusing on areas most in need of reforestation. Trees play a critical role in absorbing carbon dioxide, producing oxygen, and providing habitats for wildlife. By planting trees, we are helping to restore forests, improve air quality, and support the ecosystems that depend on these vital natural resources.