Who We Are

Experienced IT Service Provider, we are the experts you want by your side on the quest for ‘Next Level’ Partnership, Performance and Protection. We are naturally curious, ridiculously helpful and we love solving IT challenges.

The Early Years

BC Technologies, initially Wallace Computer Group, was founded in 1994 by Brendon Wallace. The business started out supporting clients in and around the London area some of which we still support today.  

Following a move north of the border for Brendon and his family at the turn of the millennium BC Technologies began its expansion into Scotland. The Dunoon office followed a few years later where BC Technologies started to support clients across Argyll and the central belt.

All the while the operations in London continued to grow and BC Technologies began supporting more clients whilst adapting to the ever-changing technological challenges of businesses.

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Where We Are Now

We have recently launched our new brand that better represents us as a company, challenging the stuffy ideology of IT and turning it into something fun, friendly, and engaging. BC Technologies has a continually growing team to help maintain our high standard of support for our clients.

Over the years we have significantly increased our product offering to help achieve our goal of being a ‘One stop shop for IT’. This enables our clients to continue to do what they do best and let the experts take care of their IT infrastructure.

We are commited to advancing the Fair Work First criteria, including the Real Living Wage and Effective Voice conditions (Individual and Collective).

What the future holds

We have recently expanded to the Central Belt in Scotland through opening an office in Glasgow. This allows us to provide faster on-site support to our existing central belt-based clients whilst we aim to grow our client base.

We truly believe that our support will help you take your business to the next level.

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